Torque Issues with Industrial Valve Actuators

rotork up closeTorque issues are a common cause for industrial valve actuator repair. If your actuator has failed or malfunctions, contact our team to troubleshoot the problem. In many cases, under or over torquing may be the root cause of failure.

Our specialists provide actuator repair services for all types, brands, and sizes of valve actuators. We work with all valve and actuator pairings for industrial processes of all kinds, including oil refineries, chemical plants, power generation facilities, and mining operations.

Torque is essentially the amount of force that the valve actuator applies to the stem to operate the valve. Using the wrong amount of torque can have catastrophic consequences for both your industrial valves and actuators.

Using too little torque can cause many issues for your processes. An actuator with too little torque may not have enough power to open the valve at all. In other cases, it may cause the valve to stop mid stroke. This can create serious issues for your industrial process control needs.

However, too much torque can also cause serious trouble. At minimum, over torquing can cause the actuator to stall and interrupt regular operations.

Also, over torquing an industrial valve through the actuator is one of the most common causes of valve stem deformation and damage. Generally, if the valve stem fails, you replace it to fix the issue. Yet, if you use an actuator with too much torque, then you may experience frequent and premature valve stem wear over time. This increases costs, creates safety hazards, and can cause unplanned downtime for your facility.

Fortunately, you can rely on our team to find the root cause of the issue and provide industrial valve actuator repair. We offer decades of experience to provide you with quick, effective actuator repair solutions.

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Actuator Repair Services for Excessive Torque

Excessive torque is one of the biggest threats not only to the actuator, but also to the industrial valve. Therefore, it’s critical to contact our team for immediate severe service actuator repair if you believe your actuators are creating excessive torque.

Typically, over torquing is due to poor actuator selection for your industrial valves. For instance, choosing an actuator with a much higher torque rating and much larger size than needed. The rule of thumb is typically to choose an actuator rated for the valve’s break torque plus 25%.

If the actuator exceeds this amount, then it may cause damage to valve components. One big risk is if an actuator exceeds the maximum allowable stem torque (MAST) rating, which can cause the stem to break or deform.

Another issue that may cause excessive torque from industrial valve actuators is if the actuator is incorrectly calibrated or if the torque limiting mechanism fails.

Our specialists at Southern Actuation Service provide all the actuator repair and maintenance services you need for safety, reliability, and cost-effective operations. We are here to help identify issues with your industrial valve actuators and repair them for durability and longevity to reduce total costs of ownership.

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