Hydraulic Actuators for Industrial Valves

pressure guard hydraulicOur specialists at Southern Actuation Service supply and service all valve and actuator pairings, including hydraulic actuators for industrial valves. We offer superior solutions for all your actuation needs.

Hydraulic actuators are a type of actuator commonly found in severe service applications. They use hydraulic pressure from incompressible liquids to control the valve position. The liquid applies pressure from hydraulic pumps to either move a piston that controls the valve stem. They may be used in both linear and rotary applications.

Hydraulic industrial valve actuators can be either single or double acting. Single acting hydraulic actuators have a piston that moves only one way, typically using a spring to push the piston back into place when hydraulic pressure drops. Double acting industrial hydraulic actuators have a piston that moves in two ways and allows the hydraulic fluid into the actuator on both sides to control the valve. Double acting actuators often provide more torque force and added control over speed.

These types of industrial valve actuators work well for severe service applications that require high cycling and high pressures. These valves apply significantly more pressure than other actuators of the same size. They offer high power, high speed, and can withstand high pressure applications.

Some of the potential disadvantages of hydraulic actuators is that fluid may leak from a failed actuator, which may contaminate the process fluid. In addition, they do require complex equipment, including pumps and heat exchangers to transfer pressure through the fluid to the actuator. This may increase the amount of actuator maintenance services you need over time to keep hydraulic valve actuators operational.

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Severe Service Actuator Repair for Hydraulic Actuators

Hydraulic actuator failure requires severe service actuator repair from our experienced technicians. Our seasoned team offers quality repairs for industrial valve actuators to reduce downtime and prevent issues for your processes.

The most common cause of hydraulic system failure is due to contaminated fluid. Both air and water can contaminate hydraulic fluid and negatively affect its operation in the valve actuator.

Another common issue is fluid loss, often due to leaks from poor connections or damaged components. Low hydraulic fluid means the system cannot maintain operating pressures and may cause the control valve to fail and require actuator repair.

The hydraulic fluid may also change viscosity, often due to exposure to extreme temperatures. If this is the case, it may not flow properly through the hydraulic actuation system. For this type of severe service actuator repair, our team may need to drain and replace the hydraulic fluid to restore actuator functionality.

Some of the largest industrial facilities in the country rely on our team for expert troubleshooting and actuator repair services. We have been providing valve and actuator solutions for decades throughout the U.S. Our goal is to reduce total costs of ownership, enhance reliability, and increase service life for your industrial valve actuators.

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